Medical Records Management

Over time, you accumulate a vast number of documents related to your health and medical history. Since these documents can be spread over many locations – sometimes around the globe – it is difficult to allow for fast access in cases of an emergency or treatment at new locations.

Swiss Insurance Partners centrally stores, organizes and manages all your medical files, protected by very high security and data protection standards in Switzerland. This may include translating records in different languages and requesting  and collating incomplete records. 

Wherever and whenever you require access to your medical history,as a client of Swiss Insurance Partners you can rest assured that your records are available in the shortest possible time, potentially saving your life by avoiding mistreatment or by losing critical time while waiting for records to arrive for review.

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Medical Record Management

CHF 2'500 per year
  • Retrieve your medical records in short time
  • Worldwide access to your medical history
  • Centralized secure storage of all of your critical health data
  • Translation of documents where required
  • House-keeping of your structured file and keeping it updated at all times

Medical History Review

CHF 5'000 one-time fee
  • One-page summary of your complete medical history
  • Translation of documents where required
  • Reviewed from experienced senior physician
  • provides condensed overview for any phsician
  • Lists all your medical risk factors such as adverse reactions on drugs

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Swiss Insurance Partners is a global leader in independent consulting for international medical insurance and health management, based in Zurich.

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