The SIP Medical
Family Office

The "Family Office" has been synonymous for full dedication to personal finances. With our Medical Family Office, we apply this concept to your real wealth: Your Health.

Since the first Family Office was founded in 1838 for the Morgan family – founders of the JPMorgan dynasty in America – the term “Family Office” has been synonymous for total dedication to the prosperity of wealthy individuals or families.

With the SIP Medical Family Office, we have applied this concept to what is your real wealth: Your Health. Swiss Insurance Partners has pioneered the Medical Family Office concept, based on the original introduction of this concept many years ago by a medical doctor in Geneva.

With a complete range of services around your wellbeing, from International Health Insurance, to Privileged Healthcare access and Preventive Medicine, and Medical Records Management we make sure that your health is protected – our mission for over 20 years.

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