Age 30+

In their 30s, people are busy developing their career or starting a family and often do not have the time to take care of their health as they did in their 20s. Additionally, in their 20s, most people also won’t experience many health problems and doctor visits. When reaching 30, this can change, and first age-related conditions appear. It is the time when it becomes important to ensure maintaining and possibly improving your wellbeing for a healthy future. Yearly health screenings and check-ups are recommended to monitor your health continuously.

A review of your general state of health by a senior physician, also called anamnesis, combined with an evaluation of the medical history of your family, allows you for a comprehensive overview of your health risk profile. When knowing about high-risk health factors and genetic predisposition, together with medical advice, you can adjust respectively to prevent these conditions from developing at all, or to keep them proactively under control.

With the help of new methods, your biological age can be assessed and compared to the actual age. A holistic review of your lifestyle will show you where the discrepancy is coming from and what you can do to reduce your biological age. The check-up measures modifications in the functioning of your genes induced by for example nutrition, physical activity, alcohol consumption, and tobacco consumption.

Growing older healthy is not a matter of luck but come from early on conscious living. Advice and guidance from specialists to you as a unique individual will help to find the most convenient approach to do so, eventually leading to a strongly reduced risk for developing health problems later in life.

30+ Checkup

Type of CheckupMethodBasic PlanPremium Plan
Detailed AnamnesisPersonal clinical evaluation by a senior physicianxx
Additional evaluation of historic risk profile and genetic predispositionComprehensive review of your personal and family medical historyx
Basic biological work up: Analysis and evaluation of blood cells and haemoglobin count, testing for deficiency of essential nutrients (for example iron or Vitamin B12), check for infections, tumors markers or other blood disorders. Blood samplingxx
Comprehensive biological work up: Additional analysis and evaluation of circulating fatty acids, advanced cardio-vascular markers, anti-oxydants, gender-specific sex hormones, bone health Blood samplingx
Check for kidney disorders or urinary tract infectionsUrinlysisxx
Examination of overall athletic health condition including BMI, strength & flexibility, measurement of body composition (muscle, fat, water), and more.Body composition analysis and physical examination xx
Screening for heart diseases by measuring of heart rhythm, blood flow, electrolyte abnormalities and similar.Resting ECGx
Extended check for heart diseases or abnormalities that might only be detected while exercising.Exercise ECGx
Evaluate the impact of your lifestyle on your biological age andEpigenetic profiling through blood samplingx
Analysis of validated marker to assess biological agingAnalysis of Advanced Glycated End Productsx